Sewing is my daily meditation.

I grew up watching my mother, my aunts, and my grandmother sew. I’m the daughter of a fabric hoarder (in denial!) and I find myself inexplicably drawn to all things textiles and fabrics. In high school, I worked at a fabric shop for two years and later in university, I sold quilts for a local chain.

I’m not a professional seamstress nor am I perfect at sewing. The name of this blog was inspired by a phrase that my mother, my aunts and my grandmother would say to each other when they admired each others sewing workmanship: “this is so beautifully sewn”.

I mostly sew garments for myself, but I have dabbled in embroidery and knitting. Other artistic pursuits (if you can say that) include glass blowing, watercolors and drawing. I am an extreme beginner in all of these.

This blog is just a place for me to explore and expand my sewing and creative  life with others with similar interests. All images taken by me are the property of this blog and myself, I don’t mind if you share them but please do credit me and link back to the original post they were featured in.

Having said all that, please be warned that my buttonholes are not always beautifully sewn.

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  2. Hey there! Sorry, I didn’t see your e-mail address anywhere, so I thought I’d post here! You won the pack of Amy Butler patterns on my blog! Please let me know your address and I can pop in the mail 🙂

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