What I made in 2012 – Colette Chantilly Dress

It’s finally done! I started this dress in the spring of 2012, put it all together in the summer of 2012 and hemmed the bottom of the skirt in…2013. Last week actually, but still the majority of it was made in 2012 (I wish my pictures weren’t so fuzzy, if you click on them they’re clearer).


I used Anna Maria Horner’s Diamond Mine Voile in Citrus Crush. Something about this fabric said “make me in a Chantilly Dress“. I’m really proud of this dress, it’s my first fully lined dress and I’m pleased with the way the top stitching and gathers turned out.


I used a very lightweight loosely woven cotton that I bought at an ethnic Indian fabric store in the Toronto area. You may notice that some Indian men wear turbans as part of their faith, and the fabric that they use is a very lightweight cotton known as malmal/mulmul. It’s also used as lining for sari blouses. It’s very inexpensive (2-3$ a yard/meter) and breathable. I use the stuff all the time take a look:


A fair warning though – this fabric really frays and the loose weave of the fabric also means that when gathered with the top fabric it creates volume, but this is something you might want depending on the type of skirt your dress has. In this case it makes my dress very lovely and floaty.

I’m so glad it’s all done!


27 thoughts on “What I made in 2012 – Colette Chantilly Dress

    • Thank you! One of my favourite places for fabric in the GTA is in the Albion/Islington area – there are a bunch of strip malls with lots of Indian clothing/fabric stores. My favorite one would be Fine Fabrics and Jewellers on Islington Ave (they have a very pretty display window too, gorgeous Indian wedding dresses). They have some silk on the main floor on the left hand side on shelves and if you ask to see their basement, they have some of the most exquisite collections ikat weaves, cotton-silks, fine lawns (these go very quickly) all directly from the Indian Subcontinent. They’ll bargain but it depends on how much you buy and the higher quality the silk the less likely they will bargain (the nicer stuff will sell for 15-20$ a yard). Some fabrics though they will only sell in sets (i.e for a 3 piece Indian outfit) because that is how they order them and if you only want one part they wont give it to you no matter how much you try because they can’t sell the rest so that’s sometimes a bummer. Also the newer sales staff don’t always know the difference between silk and poly knock off’s so you have to be prepared to rely on your own judgement. But the fabric, oh the silk fabric is just gorgeous.

  1. Really beautiful!! I love the colour, and as always, your attention to detail is impressive! 🙂 What a cool idea for lining fabric; I bet it’s very breathable & comfortable 🙂

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