Sewing for Orphans

What a productive past week it’s been in terms of sewing! I managed to finish 8 pairs of boy’s shorts and 7 popover sundresses for Teresa’s Sewing for Orphans project,  take a look:

7 dresses in total, of varying sizes and prints. They’re all made out of natural woven fibers (linen, rayon, cotton). Click to zoom in, its sharper for some reason when you do that.

A closer look, my favorite one is on the bottom left hand corner, yellow linen with white shoulder ties.

8 shorts with contrast stitching in different sizes (I’m not too pleased with the picture quality but it’s the best I could do this time around).

I didn’t buy any fabric for this, it was all in my stash, but I did buy bias tape, elastic and one spool of thread (a big one of course).  I’ve never made so many of the same item before, and while I love sewing (and for a good cause), I can see why the assembly line model of production can become uninspiring and repetitive. All in all however, a great experience.


10 thoughts on “Sewing for Orphans

  1. What a treat to follow Colette Pattern’s link to your dart trick, then find my little sewing project here! Thank you so very much for participating. The dresses and shorts were lovely and I’m thrilled to include them with the shipment to the orphans. Thank you again!

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