Essential Sewing Tools – Tailor’s Ham

I meant to post about this earlier but this past spring I decided to to recycle and reuse my scraps to make a tailor’s ham. So far I love it. It’s made pressing curves and darts so much better and I can’t sew without it!




It’s a funny name isn’t it? My family was like “you’re making a what?”, my sister joked that it sounded like a special gourmet dish for a portly tailor. It’s not edible but the name isn’t entirely off, it does look like a big fat fabric-y ham. I used the ham pattern provided by The Sewing Princess and I chose a quilting cotton print on one side, and unbleached muslin on the other. I lined it with cotton flannel and stuffed it entirely with cotton and/or linen scraps so it is a little lumpy. I thought about getting sawdust from a handyman’s store but it sounded too messy to me.

In other sewing related news, have you heard of Teresa’s wonderful sewing project? Sewing clothing for children in the Tam Ky orphanage in Vietnam! I love it! I’ve already started on 8 pairs of shorts for boys ( has a free pattern here) and I plan on making some Oliver + S popover sundresses for girls. If you want to participate check out Teresa’s post to find out more, it’s a wonderful way to give back (and de-stash).


9 thoughts on “Essential Sewing Tools – Tailor’s Ham

  1. I love the fabric you chose for the ham! Glad the pattern was useful. I recently made one with sawdust…it´s a bit time consuming and it´s better done outside with a funnel. When I filled it in I held it over a box to avoid sewdust flying all over the place…ah, don´t do it on a windy day ;o)

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