The Wonky Pound Sign Block

I completed the second and final quilt block for the month of January via Craftsy’s Block of the Month Course with Amy Gibson. It’s called the “Wonky Pound Sign Block” and uses the same slashing method as the “Asterisk Block”.

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This time I used IKEA’s Cecilia print as the background fabric and the IKEA Ditte fabric as the two vertical strips. I wanted to use the bird in the middle as the focal point for this block, giving it a mod topiary theme. I also wanted to use this block to introduce more colors into my quilt so I made the horizontal strips out of my remaining cotton quilting fabric scraps from Cranston Village’s V.I.P collection. I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out even though even though some of my wonky strips don’t match up perfectly (yeah, its a really wonky block). I haven’t squared up my two blocks yet, I’m holding off on that until all my blocks are complete.

So that’s that for quilting this month (or is it…?)

On to the muslin for the Minoru jacket, wish me luck !


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