First blog post and two completed dresses!

I’m so excited to be posting my first entry! To celebrate I thought I’d share two projects I recently completed for a client of mine who is also the model for my pictures. She has a total hourglass figure and sewing for her was such a pleasure as the finished dresses drape so beautifully on her! As always, I followed the steps in sewing patterns and they were easy as pie. This was also my first time sewing with polyester knit fabric, I’ve always been wary of knits because I don’t have a serger yet but I’m not afraid anymore! Hemming was kind of tricky because polyester knit’s aren’t easy to press and they keep rolling around under the presser foot, so I used fusible hem tape  before finishing the hems and I highly recommend it to others.

The first one is McCalls M6070. I made this for her to wear to her niece’s baptism. I made minor changes by using a single piece of  2 inch elastic in the midriff waistband casing instead of two 1/4 inch pieces at the top and bottom of the band like the pattern called for.

Don’t you just love the way the design details on her shoes match perfectly with the print? It really complements her dress!

And the second one was for the same client, I used New Look 6936 and a polyster knit print (so easy to sew!) You can’t see it but I added a satin ribbon casing on the inside of the waistband for added comfort.

All images property of Beautifully Sewn, 2011

Her pose reminds me of a 1950’s model, so classic!

And there you have it, my first foray into beautiful sewing with knit polyester fabric!

Stay tuned for more projects, tips, and tutorials (there is one currently underway). I know its a bit bare at the moment but I’ll add some more stuff in the coming days. Thanks for stopping by!

Please don’t distribute my images without acknowledging me and my blog. I don’t mind if you like my work and want to show others but  just credit me and link back to the original post, please and thank you.


7 thoughts on “First blog post and two completed dresses!

  1. Wonderful work in such a short time. Your model and work look real good with the background of dark wood floor and white doors behind , the fabric pattens come out fabulous.

  2. Amazing dresses, Salma! I am super impressed but can’t say I’m surprised. (I especially loved the second one.. Love the cut) Great blog and I look forward to keeping up to date with your projects here. Way to go, girl!! 😀

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